Manufacturers of microneedling and micropigmentation medical device

We started our own production in 2019, after our experience in the sector for a long time.


In our path, with radiofrequency and microneedling, we also came in touch with the world of PMU.


We immediately noticed how many machines on the market were old and obsolete, often without the necessary medical certifications.

For this reason we manufacture certified, modern and easy-to-use medical devices.

We are design obsessed, because our products must also be beautiful to look at, as well technologically advanced.

In a short time, Campomats is now present in 30 countries around the world and our family is continually growing.

“We are not still at the end of wonders, we will only be when we stop to study.”

Angelo Secchi, Father of Astrophysics


I have never seen this kind of technology

Lana Darbandy
Asto Clinic – Stockholm, Sweden


I followed the company right away because I believe in the seriousness and validity of what is produced

Sara Ranucci
Area Manager Medical Sector


I know Campomats from many years and I buy other machines. It is a good way to start

Therese Svensson
Stockolm Medical Skin Center – Stockholm, Sweden


I would recommend it because it is a Company that puts people in front of everything

Giorgia Bergamini
Centro Giò N. – Argenta (FE) Italia


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