A tattoo machine and much more! Omnia

 In Aesthetic Medicine, micropigmentation

Is it Omnia a tattoo machine?

A tattoo machine? Sure, but Omnia is much more than this!

Omnia is a medical device class IIB, made in Italy, that can perform many treatments in only one device and with a single handpiece. In fact, selecting your from the preset menu you can perform:

What is the video about?

The video show some of the different treatments you can perform with Omnia, working as a medical tattoo machine. You can see some capsules about treatments of microneedling, micropricking, that is soft microneedling or microneedling without bleeding. You will also see some pmu tretments, that is some permanent or semipermanent makeup tattoo, for lips and eyebrows. In addition, we show two medical micropigmentation treatments available, the areola tattoo dermopigmentation and the scal tricopigmentation. This is to prove you that Omnia is not only a simple tattoo machine!

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