What happened in Riccione

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What happened in Riccione

If you want to really understand what happened in Riccione on Sunday 18.09.22, you need to see some data first. We got 300 participants, 20 countries represented, a scientific study presented for the first time by Dr. Piero Salvatore Fundarò and 250 hotel rooms taken over the weekend.

For eight months we have thought everything out to a minimum. All things went beyond our expectations and we thank you for this. Your enthusiasm, your participation, the desire to be there also for our distributors who made a 2-day trip to get to Riccione made the difference. Thank you!


So… what really happened in Riccione? We have unveiled our novelty for aesthetic medicine. With our premiere we introduced the RFNEED system in front of our customers and agents. We have designed an accessory module, called RFTender, which is placed to upgrade our Omnia. In this way you can do a microneedling together with a bipolar RF. For the first time, a radio frequency was created not inside the needles, but around. Plus a patent covering the system.

RFNEED World Congress in Riccione

With our World Congress RFNEED we have won. The technical themes were many and the celebration and the joy of being together enormous. We all took magical memories away from Riccione. All this will always remain with us. Thanks again.

Thanks for coming and for your appreciation. Now we are even more charged for our studies.

For info on the RFNEED system click here.

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