Technological innovation and innovative Start Up

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Technological innovation and innovative Start Up. A must!

What does technological innovation mean? And what is an innovative Start Up?

We all have ideas, more or less original, that come to us in the most different moments. When we sleep, when we think or even when we take a shower. Some are mere thoughts, others are or could be inventions, that is, things or ways of doing things new and different from what exists.

How many of us sometimes happened to see something done and they thought “Here, they did as I said!” Without realizing it, when we had that idea, we had a potential innovation in our hands!

In fact, innovation is the application of an invention that guarantees benefits, thus making progress and improvement in the current state of things. The invention is the starting point of innovation.

Therefore, an innovative start-up, like Campomats, is a Company born to develop and pursue an invention. From the industrial revolution onwards, all the companies that have been successful have been innovative companies. In other words, they brought to the market products or processes that did not exist before. Infact, they change the way we see things, often changing the way of living of mankind. Starting from these assumptions, technology today is evolving daily following dizzying rhythms and therefore, in an increasingly competitive and fast world, all companies must adapt to catch the main trends.

So according to economist Joseph A. Schumpeter, in his “Theory of economic development” (1912), innovation takes on a fundamental role because it destroys the old context and creates a completely new one: innovating means providing a new and creative response. So an innovative start-up is base on technological innovation.

Innovative Start Ups

In conclusion, start-ups are born precisely for this reason. Infact, they are not minor versions of structured companies but they are to all intents and purposes innovative companies that act as incubators for new ideas and business models.

Consequently, Talent, determination, a lot of commitment and a fair dose of healthy madness are the fundamental requirements for technological innovation and innovative start-up!

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