Beauty must not be afraid of coronavirus: the Lipstick Index

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Why beauty sector must not be afraid of coronavirus: the Lipstick Index

Lipstick and Beauty. Would you believe it if we tell you that the sale of lipsticks has a decisive impact on a country’s economy?

page11image52554432That’s right, and this apparently strange concept has been called Lipstick Index.

How was this possible?

It’s a little bit what is going on these days with the fear of Coronavirus. Many of us were inevitably overwhelmed by terror, far more contagious than the disease itself. This kind of virus that causes respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis. Today, unfortunately, no vaccines have yet been discovered or at least antiviral drugs against this terrible infection.

page11image52550784In 2001, Leonard Lauder, president of Estée Lauder, a historic multinational in the cosmetics, beauty lipstick and perfume market, noted that in the years following the attack on the Twin Towers, marked by strong insecurity and profound economic difficulties, the profits of his company had instead, an important growth rate never recorded.
In a situation of total crisis, in which the individual feels totally lost, no longer has confidence in anything and has fears about his own life, how can the choice to buy more lipsticks be done?

The social fear of an epidemic is creating lots of concern but alarmism must always be fought as it leads to panic and a blockage of the economy, due to the fact that people are afraid to go out, do not travel, do not consume in the usual Chinese or Japanese restaurants .
page11image52555200But how can we fight this trend? And what impact will this have on the beauty sector?page11image52553856And what has to see with beauty lipstick?

The decision to buy a lipstick, a relatively low cost cosmetic product, therefore, has and has had over the years the function of making women happy, gratifying them with little.

The Lipstick Index and Beauty

page11image52553472This happens because when everything is gray, the red color of the lips, which reminds us of the passion, the blood that flows in the veins and therefore life, makes us feel better. Even more so when everything around us is gray and dark. The more things go wrong, the more lipsticks and beauty treatments are sold. It is the famous Lipstick Index!

Winston Churchill, during the Second World War, excluded beauty lipsticks from the rationing of cosmetic products. Churchill was stating that red lips were able to lift the morale of those who would observe them and those who exhibited them.
So we are sure that even more women will put a beautiful bright red color on their lips against these dark times. Maybe using one of the Omnia treatments for permanent lip tattoo. So against the gray of these times, the red of the lips will not last only a few hours but for several years. So your lips will alway wear a beauty lipstick.
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