To feel unsatisfied with his own image

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To feel unsatisfied with the external image

Who does not feel sometimes unsatisfied about his external image?

In fact, being appreciated and feeling beautiful inside, on the other hand, is the most secret desire of many women. But to feel unhappy because our image is not what we dream is also very frustrating

Indeed, beauty can be external and internal: the external one comes from our parents’ genetic patrimony, while the internal one comes from spiritual awareness.

But, how to cultivate beauty inside and outside? Already the Greeks, from ancient times, coined the expression “kalos kai agathos”: the ideal man was beautiful and good, therefore the physical aspect was placed on the same level as the moral one. Did he feel satisfied or unsatisfied of the image he had? We don’t know this, we can only suppose the answer.

It often happens that the external beauty becomes a real cover behind which to hide the true essence of oneself: to whom of us it has never happened to fall in love with a beautiful woman or man externally and only after some time to discover that their internal state did not correspond at all to the external one.

In the morning all women put on make-up, try to improve their appearance and look. Furthermore, this is why lipstick is the no. 1 best selling cosmetic.

But how many of them start to improve themselves starting from the inner beauty?

Only when body and soul are in perfect harmony, you will be able to spread this security outside, bringing a beauty that illuminates the surrounding environment.


Nobody forced you to be perfect. Rather than focusing on your shortcomings, focus your attention on your strengths and turn them into tools for personal but, above all, spiritual growth.

Finally, remember that beauty, the authentic one, does not stop at appearances! Stop feeling unsatisfied of your image just focusing on appearance.



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