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Find out why 1NEED will forever be Your Treatment

What is special about 1NEED Your treatment

We are sure that 1NEED will become your favorite tool, for this we like to say 1NEED, Your Treatment. Campomats 1NEED handpiece, in fact, is one of the very few devices in the world to have a CE medical certificate for microneedling and microdermabrasion treatments.

What does this mean?

It means that the 1NEED Your Treatment handpiece has passed deep electrical and mechanical tests. In addition, 1NEED has results validated by independent doctors that guarantee its safety and medical results. The medical class is class IIB, the narrowest class in which all medical devices that work directly in contact with the skin are located.

How the handpiece works

1NEED is a handpiece with wireless operation and technology, produced by CAMPOMATS in Italy. The handpiece is charged via a charger and a wire connected to normal electrical outlets. In this way, 1NEED can then be used without any need for connections or wires. 1NEED has an autonomy of a couple of hours equal to dozens of treatments. All this without any need for recharging. Yes, all of this makes the job a lot easier. That’s again why we say 1NEED Your Treatment!

1NEED can work at 6 different intensity levels and can mount different types of cartridges. Therefore different cartridges can be used for microneedling, micropricking and microdermabrasion treatments.

The PD / DS system

Thanks to the patented PD/DS Performance Deep/Double Scale system, the depth of the different treatments can be adjusted with absolute precision and in a very simple way. In fact, as shown in the video, the double adjustment ring allows you to precisely guide the working depth in micropricking, microneedling and NanoPeel treatments. Not just one treatment, but many treatments in 1NEED Your Treatment!

What can I do with 1NEED Your Treatment

With 1NEED Your Treatment you can carry out various medical and aesthetic treatments. In fact, it is possible to perform sessions of Medical Microneedling, Aesthetic Micropricking and Nano Peelings with advanced technology. Therefore, thanks to the different types of cartridges that can be combined and the various protocols available, 1NEED Your Treatment is the ideal tool for:

  • Inject and facilitate the absorption of active ingredients under the dermis
  • Stimulate the regeneration of new collagen
  • Tone the skin with an anti-aging effect
  • Treating spots, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of acne scars
  • Treating keloids
  • Improve the unsightly appearance of wrinkles
  • Stimulate cell renewal with microdermabrasion
  • Advanced mechanical peelings
  • Stimulate the scalp for hair regrowth
  • Anti-cellulite treatments
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of stretch marks
  • Care of the periocular areas


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