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Nipple tattoo after cancer for areola reconstruction

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer for female population. In fact, studies estimes that one in nine women is affected at least once in their lifetime. Fortunately, it is becoming easier and easier to heal today. This made it possible to focus attention not only on the treatments but also on the psychological aspect of the disease. For this reason, at the end of a path of diagnosis, treatment and therapies, we can focus on recovering patient’s femininity. In this post and video we explain, with a simple tutorial, how to create an areola reconstruction tattoo and obtain a three-dimensional effect.

Why doing a nipple tattoo after cancer recovery

The medical tattoo for areola reconstruction is the final operation of a woman who had breast cancer. We are in the category of medical or paramedical micropigmentation, as there is an aesthetic content with medical purposes. Breast micropigmentation is fully part of a path of care humanization for the cancer survivors. For a woman, the psychological support of a newfound femininity is often the beginning of a new normal.

What are the characteristics of breast micropigmentation

We will find ourselves making the nipple tattoo on a reconstructed breast after cancer thanks to a silicone prosthesis. It is also very important to remember that we will work on very sensitive skin. Usually the patient arrives at the areola tattoo after a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This makes the skin extremely delicate. For this reason, the Starcolor pigments chosen, in addition to being in compliance with the current REACH legislation, must be even more delicate and tested and must be chosen among the best on the market. Finally, it is very important that the needles does not reach deep, but remains on the superficial layer of the dermis, in order not to damage the prosthesis. In the video we use our Omnia medical device which, thanks to the patent PD/Df on the needle depth adjustment, allows us to work safely without damaging the prosthesis and the patient’s skin.

Video tutorial of how to make a post mastectomy areola reconstruction tattoo

The video tutorial, as well as the course we carry out, consists of a theoretical and a practical part. During the second part we will recreate the nipple with tattoo after cancer.

In the theoretical part, we study the theory of colors. In addition to that, how to create secondary and tertiary colors from the primary ones. We analize the different parts of the areola and how to draw them.

In the practical part, we will prepare the material and set up our Omnia device by selecting the areola tattooing menu. We can then start drawing the nipple.

First draw the outer contour of the areola and nipple with pointinism, using Campomats 1PL or 3TM cartridge.

In a second time, we fill with color the areola. We will draw small spirals with Campomats 5MM cartridge in two steps, also using circular lines.

Finally, we will define all details such as the central part of the nipple, the tubercles and the blood vessels effect.

With these precautions it is possible to create a tattoo to reconstruct the breast areola. It will be a realistic, painless and a non-surgical way.

If you are interested to see the reconstruction of a nipple tattoo after cancer on real patients click here


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