Nipple Tattoo: reconstruction of mammary areola

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What is the reconstruction of the mammary areola: nipple tattoo

The procedure of nipple tattoo presented in this video is a medical micropigmentation procedure. Thanks to Omnia medical device by Campomats it is in fact possible to draw and pigment the missing areola.

The nipple tattoo with 3D effect is painless operation and does not require any type of anesthesia. Furthermore, the intervention is not traumatic. Last but not least, the patient fully recovers her femininity. For this reason, the reconstruction of the areola carried out with a tattoo is part of a process of humanization of care for those patients who have undergone a mastectomy.

What the video shows

The video shows the reconstruction of the breast areola with a 3D effect nipple tattoo, one of the medical tattoo techniques that can be selected in the Omnia menu. we illustrates you two different cases treated at the Clinic of Dr. Nicola Panizzo located in Udine (Italy). In fact, both patients underwent an oncoplasty operation for breast cancer in the previous months. After the removal of the cancer and of the patient’s breast, the surgeon has implanted a silicone implants. Following this, and to complete the work, the operator realizes to the reconstruction of the mammary areola. In the video, we use our Omnia medical device for this purpose, thanks to the special function on the semi-permanent tattoo menu.

Thanks to this type of tattoo, in fact, made in day hospital, the patient avoid to undergo a new and burdensome surgery.

What tools you need for nipple tattoo

For a medical tattoo, you need to use a medical dermopigmenter. The instrument used is Campomats Omnia.

In addition, in both interventions, the operator uses Campomats Starcolor pigments. We obtain the 3D effect with a technique that mixes different pigments from the Starcolor range and needles. This technique creates a very natural filling effects and dots. The result you see in the video is that of the tattoo just made, while the final final result stabilizes after about 1 month from the treatment. As a rule, the patient undergoes a second touch-up treatment after a few weeks.

You can find continuous updates on medical and aesthetic tattoos that can be carried out, thanks to the Omnia medical device by Campomats. Follow us on our Youtube channel here


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