Campomats Academy: our pmu course for beginners

 In micropigmentation

What is a PMU course?

Pmu stands for permanent makeup. So when we talk about the pmu course, we are referring to a school to learn the tattoo techniques done with our Omnia medical device and our Starcolor pigments. In fact, during our basic course we learn the use of the machinery but not only. We study the pigments to be used, how to mix them and the main techniques for creating eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. You will discover how simple it is to use Omnia to carry out dermopigmentation treatments thanks to the dedicated menus. In fact, with Omnia, you have a series of preset menus that guide you in choosing the correct needles. Finally, you will be able to learn how to use the pigments of the Starcolor line by combining them to obtain the best results.

The teacher of the Campomats course

You may be wondering if your passion for permanent makeup can become a profession. Maybe you have a different background and you don’t know if this academy can do it for you.

Our PMU master teacher Teresa Fabbri tells us how her passion for micropigmentation was born and takes us briefly to our basic course to get to know the secrets of this wonderful art and become a professional in the sector.

You will therefore find it very interesting to hear part of our teacher’s story and discover that she did completely different things before landing in the world of dermopigmentation.

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corso di dermopigmentazione su testatattoo machine