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Permanent Make-Up. The technology developed by CAMPOMATS is known above all for the use in medical and aesthetic field for the cellular stimulation of the skin, as an anti-aging treatment and for the notable improvement of the appearance of wrinkles and scars through microneedling or micropricking treatments.

But Omnia is much more. Through our Permanent Make-Up courses even beginners can easily start using Omnia to learn how to work.

If you already dominate the semi-permanent tattoo technique but want to become an artist of the sector, you can take specific courses to learn the latest techniques required for the redefinition of lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Furthermore the courses of tricopigmentation and areola reconstruction will allow you to enter new paths of great professional satisfaction of permanent make-up.


The dermopigmentation courses for beginners are indicated for those who are starting this path for the first time. In fact, to become a good operator and be able to do a good job using the dermograph, you will need to know theory and practice. You will therefore learn both the theory of the machine, of needles and pigments, and develop the different manual skills.

In fact, as in all craft works, experience, practice, tenacity, but above all time, will train a trained and professional operator. If you are passionate about this subject, you will surely learn quickly, thanks also to Omnia’s guided programs.

Permanent make-up course for beginners

Our goal is to train each student and to guarantee a continuous and quality assistance service, even after completing the training course. This is why we want to guide you in choosing the best materials for carrying out your work. For this we will teach you to easily navigate between the proposed programs and choose the right needles and techniques to create many different jobs according to the tastes and needs of the customer.

All this always with the same machine and only one handpiece.

All treatments, Total Control. Omnia.

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