Stretch Marks: causes and treatments

Stretch Marks: causes and treatments

Stretch marks are an hated and very common problem.
The main causes of stretch marks are rapid changes in body shape, like gaining and loosing rapidly weight and excessive and prolonged stress. Also certain diseases (eg Cushing’s syndrome), and long-term therapies with corticosteroids can cause them.

There are different treatments which can be effective on stretch marks, with quite variable costs and effectiveness. Many creams based on smoothing agents or chemical peels  are generally the most common and economic choice.  Dermabrasion, pulsating dye laser (Dye) or fractional laser are the most effective treatments and give the best results. Today we will discuss and show the effectivness of using radio frequency and needling combined together with RFNEED System.

What are stretch marks

Stretch marks are atrophic, linear and well-defined alterations of the dermal layer of the skin. They are localized expecially on the inner surface of the thighs, on the outer part of the gluteal regions, on the hips, on the breast and on the belly. In fact, atrophy means a significant change in the volume and weight of a tissue, that happens when gaining or loosing weight.

They are “scars” of the the inner tissues. When they are recent they are red (striae rubrae), while the older ones are white and pearly (striae albae).

Do stretch marks go away?

The dream of anyone with stretch marks is to make them disappear, perhaps with the magic wand!

There is so much we can do on stretch marks, but all depends on when we act.

In fact, the best results are when red or pink streaks (striae rubrae) appear on the skin. In this phase, cosmetics and specific treatments will be effective and stretch marks will partially or totally go away.

At the opposite, when red streaks become white, pearlescent stretch marks (striae albae), due to fibrous scar tissue, it is late to act. In this phase, stretch marks can only be treated for a visual decrease of the imperfection, but the scarring process is irreversible. Stretch marks will not go away.

Stretch marks causes and RFNEED treatment

We have seen the causes of stretch marks and know which treatments are the most recommended. However, there is still a little-known treatment that has been giving very important results in recent years. In fact, using the combination of radiofrequency and needling, we can treat stretch marks in a profound and decisive way. In this way, we stimulate the formation of new collagen by exploiting the action of microneedling (breaking of fibroblasts and creation of microchannels). Thanks to the radio frequency we will have a tension action on the skin tissue and the creation of new collagen.

In this way, we will work simultaneously on collagen type I, II and III.

Furthermore, RFNEED System treatment can be done all year round, even in the summer, unlike the laser.

RFNEED System on stretch marks

RFNEED System works on stretch marks thanks to the action of deep microneedling (up to 2.5mm) and bipolar radiofrequency carried on the external sides of the cartridge. In this way, the treatment is very effective and not painful because the RF is around the outside of the needles, not inside. It is possible to carry out the treatment all year round, even in the middle of summer. This is important because the results come with the constancy of time and treatments. Depending on the severity and extent of the stretch marks, 4 to 8 sessions may be required approximately  every 3/4 weeks.

Watch the video of a treatment on stretch marks with the new RFNEED System technology!

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