Which cartridge is best for microneedling?

Which Cartridge is best for microneedling? Do you really know which one to choose?

One of the first questions one asks when starting a microneedling treatment is which is the best cartridge for microneedling.

Very often we get lost in considering whether it is better to use 9, 12 or more pins. In this way, we completely lose sight of the most important issue.

The best cartridge is the one that guarantees to totally avoid the problem of cross-contamination.

Have you already heard of CROSS CONTAMINATION and its RISKS?

During a microneedling treatment, contamination from infected liquids can pass from the needles that come into contact with blood to the cartridge. Of course in this way, they will go from the cartridge to the handpiece.

In fact, the movement of the cartridge naturally tends to suck and transport the liquids inside. Not even the solution of using a membrane inside the cartridge can be said to be 100% safe. Because the possibility still remains when small pathogens can pass into the space between the internal membrane and the cartridge, contaminating the handpiece.

So the correct answer to which cartridge is best for microneedling is the safest one!


At Campomats we have patented NOFLOW®. Our goal was really to develop the safest and most reliable solutions to prevent any possible contamination.

The anti back-flow solutions on the market today are focused on creating a safety membrane after the needles, inside the body of the cartridge.

In this way, the membrane moves inside the cartridge. For this reason, small infectious body fluids can still leak into the space between the membrane and the plastic body of the cartridge towards the handpiece. So, this is a very high potential risk.

We have worked outside the cartridge to create a silicone end cap that will catch any pathogens created inside the cartridge.

In this way, at the end of the treatment, by disposing of our NOFLOW® sterile cartridge, we will be sure that we have thrown away any possibility of cross-contamination.

Our NOFLOW® cartridges have different international patents as innovative anti-back flow system in the world.

Now you know very well that the best cartridge for MICRONEEDLING is the safest.

More than this, NOFLOW® system is also available for MICROPRICKING and NANOPEEL.

Want to know more? Have a look to our video!

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