Scrub and Peel Tutorial with 1NEED PROLINE

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Scrub and peel. What is the difference?

Scrub and peel, aren’t they the same thing?

Scrub is a very important action, made with materials that “rub” the skin. In this way the scrub promotes oxygenation and cell renewal and therefore allows the skin to be more silky, smooth, radiant and free from impurities.

When we talk about peel, we are referring to chemical peelings. Peeling is a clinical-aesthetic technique that consists in the application of one or more caustic agents on the skin for a sufficient period and interacting with deeper and deeper cell layers of the epidermis and subsequently of the dermis, causing a forced and deep exfoliation.

Is it possible to combine scrub and peel together?

It is absolutely possible, indeed it is recommended to combine scrub and peeling together. In fact, thanks to the scrub, we remove the superficial cells of the epidermis to allow the peeling to act even more deeply.

What you will find in this tutorial of with 1NEED PROLINE Nano Peel

The combination of scrub and peel that we suggest in this video is composed of a mechanical scrub, which we are going to make with the Campomats Nano Peel An130 cartridge. Our scrub treatment is performed dry, with the handpiece and cartridge. The peeling, on the other hand, is carried out by combining chemical and mechanical peel. Thanks to the active Nano Peel we carry out a chemical exfoliation treatment, accentuated by the use of the handpiece with Nano Peel cartridge. Follow all the steps to get the best result, making the session effective and enjoyable.
Finally you will see the products of the new 1NEED PROLINE line by Campomats used.


Campomats has developed the new 1NEED PROLINE cosmetic line to provide a complete working protocol for microneedling and micropricking (soft microneedling without bleeding) and scrub and peel Nano. Here you will find the complete line dedicated to scrub and peeling. All the formulations are unique, as we have worked in a particular way on the choice of ingredients. Furthermore, we have chosen not to include fragrances in the formulations of our products for professional use, in order to minimize the risks of skin irritation and sensitization. In this way we also satisfy the level of tollerance of the most sensitive skins. All the products of the line are included in the Scrub and Peel Nano video tutorial.

1NEED PROLINE has the unique feature of replacing the aqueous part of most of the components with Organic Aloe Vera juice. 1NEED PROLINE for microneedling and micropricking consists of:


Conclusions of the tutorial on scrub and peeling with 1NEED PROLINE

The video tutorial for carrying out mechanical scrub and chemical peeling by Campomats aims to illustrate all the steps and all the manual skills. This way you will see how to combine the two techniques together to get the best result. Using the products of the 1NEED PROLINE line it will be very easy to carry out the same treatment that we show you here. Enjoy!

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