Real priorities in life

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It is time to think about our real priorities in life

We have always wondered, during the course of our life, what our real priorities may be. With the covid19 pandemic in full swing, many have changed their real priorities in life. In fact, the question is apparently very simple but finding an answer is not easy at all.

Establishing priorities means organizing one’s life, clarifying its values ​​and consequently understanding what is best to postpone or let go.

The Coronavirus, in addition to generalized fear and anxiety, has made us understand what our real priorities in life. We are trying to understand what are our real needs.

In these days of mandatory quarantine, we are realizing some small needs, perhaps even a little trivial, that we have and which we cannot do without.

We live in seclusion at home, without being able to have contact with the outside world (if not for real necessity) and the most critical aspect is the impossibility of dedicating our time to friends, boyfriends, relatives, a jogging in the park, all activities we have always taken for granted.

A strong imbalance is therefore being created in our minds, catapulted overnight into a vortex of boredom and stress that leads them not to really know what to do.

We constantly feel unsatisfied, desperate for something to do to feel less alone.

And here, thanks to social networks, we can take advantage of our stay at home. In fact, we admire those who play concerts from the balconies, those who read, those who explain recipes in the kitchen. Or even those who organize workout courses in the living room.

The truth is that we can’t wait for this pandemic to end, to finally be able to hug each other again and remember this period of fear as an old memory.

What to do

In the meantime, to get better, we should follow these small steps:

  • continue to maintain the sleep-wake rhythm unchanged
  • take care of yourself
  • maintain social contacts (video calls exist precisely for this!)
  • exercise at home
  • limit listening to the news
  • dedicate at least one goal to each day
  • eat healthy

Only in this way could we rediscover our real priorities in life and the joy, the true one, capable of offering us all-round well-being, waiting to finally leave the house to enjoy life!

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